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We have our own data center in the Czech Republic where you can rent virtual servers and other technologies and software. We operate the systems and store data in three independent locations, so that if one of them fails, the systems continue to operate without problems. You can use our resources for your business needs without having to deal with their operation. So move to our cloud, save on costs and increase the availability and security of your data.

Rent servers that fit your company's needs

Rent servers that fit your company's needs

A data centre is an environment that houses servers, network infrastructure and security systems. It is designed to run continuously and to maximise the protection of the data you can upload to the cloud. The data centre provides the servers with stable operation.

In our data centre, for example, we also offer dedicated servers for rent that are reserved for particular clients. You can change the parameters of your server at any time to suit your company's needs.

Rent servers that fit your company's needs
Rent servers that fit your company's needs

With a data centre, you get allocated power and a secure environment for your data. You can even connect it to other systems, including your own, so you have everything in one place.

Petr Loužecký, Director of Algotech Cloud

We increase security for companies

We increase security for companies

We increase security for companies

Rent a safe environment and space with allocated power. We design the cloud environment on your server to meet your exact needs. This way, you save on corporate IT, and you also know in advance how much you'll pay. 

Our data centre is located in the Czech Republic. We store data in three different locations to reduce the risk of local issues such as power outages or other unavailability. As a result, we guarantee 99.99% data availability.

The data centre is secure and meets the standards of TIER III classification, PCI DSS conditions and ISO 27001:2014 information security certification. We back up data daily and keep backups for four weeks.


Technology is about helping

Technology is about helping

Our goal is to help and improve things through technology. And thanks to the data centre, we're doing just that. We can help your company move to the cloud and create a customized environment for you. You only pay for what you really need, plus you don't have to worry about security or maintenance. 

You get maximum performance, access to data from anywhere, and capacity that will grow as your business grows.

We don't just offer servers, we offer partnerships

We don't just offer servers, we offer partnerships

We don't just offer servers, we offer partnerships

During the consultation we will find out what is important and suitable for you. Our specialists will then ensure a smooth transition to the cloud that will not limit your company's operations. We continuously monitor the cloud.

In the data center we use the latest technologies from hardware manufacturers (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware, Veeam, Sophos, Microsoft). We regularly renew our hardware to constantly meet the highest performance and security requirements. In addition, we guarantee 99.99% data availability.

We also guarantee non-stop technical support in Czech and English and respond to requests within 5 minutes. Most tickets are resolved the same day.

Based on technology

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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