Custom software development and applications

We develop customized software, from architecture through testing and integration with various systems. We can transform even the smallest specific assignment into a real product and we always complete every IT project. In addition, we are 100% scalable and provide 24/7 technical support, and thanks to our senior team of developers, we can handle even the most complex projects.
Custom software development and applications

Why turn to us for customized software development?

24/7 support
We are here for you non-stop and will respond to every request. 90% of requests are resolved within 30 minutes.
User-friendly applications
Thanks to our experience from thousands of projects, we develop products with UX and UI in mind from the preliminary stages.
100% substitutability
We pass the parameters of each project between ourselves, so you no longer have to depend on your development department.
6 months minimum warranty
In case of problems on our side, all repairs are free of charge.

Software development that has clearly defined development cycles

Software development that has clearly defined development cycles

We deliver everything on time and within the agreed deadlines. We combine waterfall and agile management so you receive part of the functional unit in predefined cycles (sprints).

Thanks to a thorough analysis of your company and proper project management, we can draw up a project architecture from the general and specific assignment and assign it to the developers. You can even get involved in the development or just wait for the final version.

One hundred of our specialists are able to work with most of the most used programming languages (e.g. .NET, Java, PHP, C#, C++) and we are 100% replaceable. We also have our own data center, so your systems can run quickly and safely in our facility.

Software development that has clearly defined development cycles
Software development that has clearly defined development cycles

"We want the salesperson not to have to switch between several systems when communicating with the customer and to be able to fully focus on the customer. In other words, to have one application that contains all the necessary tools in one place and the necessary integrations to other systems will be handled automatically (in the background), without the need for user intervention."

Vladimír Pulchart, IT Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO

More than 120 specialists have been developing your applications for over 25 years
We always develop based on UX and UI principles

We always develop based on UX and UI principles

We always develop based on UX and UI principles

The product must be easy to understand and simple, so we pay attention to UX and UI and their impact on the end user during the first designs and architecture.

We control the entire development process - from architecture to integration with different systems. We are your equal partner, so we will always recommend the right UX/UI practices during development to keep the app user-friendly.

We also have experience in international project development and hold the following certifications: 

Scrum - agile project management and development method, Prince2 / Prince2Agile, Oracle GOLD partner, PSMI, GitLab, Azure, DevOps, NGINX, C#, XML master, Oracle certified expert database 12C.

Each project is managed by a project manager who takes care of the budget and deadlines

Custom software development is a mutual collaboration

Custom software development is a mutual collaboration

How does it work? 

  • We will analyse your existing or new project and assess your ideas to see if we agree.
  • Based on your specifications, we will design the system architecture.
  • Subsequently, development is ongoing with regular testing. Developers who have experience with similar tasks work on the project.
  • We also ask for your opinion on an ongoing basis as we develop software to be used by your users.
  • The developed product can eventually run in our data center. This will ensure faster operation and security of the software.
  • We guarantee that any repairs will always be resolved free of charge.
Custom software development is a mutual collaboration
We have more than 20 years of partnership with long-term clients
We will find a solution for you too

Over 500 customers are satisfied with us

For over 25 years we have been continuously taking care of the security of corporate data, offering solutions for corporate communications, call centers, CRM and ERP systems, cybersecurity, cloud services and GDPR. We also develop bespoke applications and offer ServiceDesk. We always tailor our products and services to your needs.
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