Easily transition to the cloud without disrupting your business

Get maximum performance, flexible capacity and access to data from anywhere by moving to the cloud. We'll design a cloud environment to meet your current and future needs so you have minimal worry. With a move to the cloud, you don't have to give up your favourite systems or restrict your company's operations.
Easily transition to the cloud without disrupting your business

Why move to the cloud with us?

24/7 support
We are here for you non-stop and will respond to every request. 90% of requests are resolved within 30 minutes.
Transparent payments
Regular monthly payments with transparent reporting. You always know what you are paying for.
120+ permanent specialists
You will be looked after by a team of more than 120 permanent specialists with decades of experience.
All custom-made
No box solution. We set everything up according to your company's needs (IaaS).

Moving to the cloud is easy and you don't have to get used to new systems

Moving to the cloud is easy and you don't have to get used to new systems

The data transfer and transition to the cloud is preceded by a consultation, based on which we will design a cloud environment for you according to your requirements, in addition to using the latest technologies and the support of professionals in the field. The cloud is secured against cyber threats.

The data migration will be carried out by a responsible specialist who will prepare a plan and ensure the transition to the cloud without limiting the operation of your company. We also take into account your future needs, so that the cloud will suit you for several years and you will not have to deal with rebuilding it. We'll also migrate systems you use and are used to, such as CAD, to the cloud.

Benefits of moving to the cloud:

  • price savings - you only pay for what you use
  • flexibility - the cloud grows with your company and you can always access it from anywhere
  • security - protection of data against cyber attacks and unauthorized access of employees
Moving to the cloud is easy and you don't have to get used to new systems
We have implemented more than 1300 cloud projects
Save up to 40% on IT costs

Save up to 40% on IT costs

Save up to 40% on IT costs

Cloud services can save you up to 40% on costs. You only pay for the cloud features that make sense for your company, and with monthly reporting, you know all your payments up front.

A team of more than 120 permanent specialists, who have implemented more than 6,000 projects in total, will take care of the proper setup and operation of the cloud. We can therefore design a tailor-made solution for you.

To ensure the smooth running of your cloud, we offer non-stop technical support in both Czech and English. We always respond to your requests and resolve 90% of them the same day.

Moving to the cloud is easy and you don't have to get used to new systems

"The cooperation with Algotech has been second to none from the start. In particular, we were worried about the challenging migration of more than 70 servers from the original environment, but thanks to Algotech's professional and proactive approach, everything went smoothly beyond expectations." Jindřich Kubelík, Head of Application Development Department

We take care of our clients - we respond to every request from 5 minutes and solve most of them within 30 minutes

Moving to the cloud is safe

Moving to the cloud is safe

Before moving to the cloud, we back up the data, and then the actual transfer takes place. We will perform the data migration while your company is fully operational. We then back up the data daily to multiple independent locations in the Czech Republic. We guarantee 99.99% data availability, so you don't have to worry about downtime.

We ensure maximum protection and security for your data thanks to our ISO 27001:2014 certification. In case of any problems, we respond immediately because we constantly monitor the cloud and cloud storage.

Moving to the cloud is safe
We have more than 20 years of partnership with long-term clients
We will find a solution for you too

Over 500 customers are satisfied with us

For over 25 years we have been continuously taking care of the security of corporate data, offering solutions for corporate communications, call centers, CRM and ERP systems, cybersecurity, cloud services and GDPR. We also develop bespoke applications and offer ServiceDesk. We always tailor our products and services to your needs.
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