Master Microsoft Word: we'll give you 3 basic tips on how to do it

Master Microsoft Word: we'll give you 3 basic tips on how to do it
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Microsoft Word - a useful tool that many people cannot imagine functioning without, whether at work, school or in their spare time. But if you are just starting out with Microsoft Word, then this article is for you. We'll walk you through the application step by step, including installing it, creating your first document, and saving it.

What is Microsoft Word? 

Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft 365 office suite. Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are among the other core applications of Microsoft 365. 
Word is a word processor that allows you to create and edit documents. In addition, it allows you to format text, insert additional objects if necessary, and use various features to create a variety of content.  

What is the difference between Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 

The main difference is that by purchasing Office 2019 you get a permanent license. This means that you make a one-time purchase and can then use the software forever. The downside is that there are no software updates, thus making the software obsolete over time. 
Microsoft 365 works on a subscription basis, in the form of monthly or annual payments. The licence therefore has a finite expiry date and needs to be renewed regularly. Regular updates in the form of the latest features are the main advantage of Microsoft 365. 


How to get Word 

As we have already mentioned, Word is a part of Microsoft Office 365. You basically have two options to get Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office respectively. 

1) Sign up for an annual subscription 

This is a paid option. However, a number of colleges and employers provide their students and employees with login details for a school or work account. If you don't have this option, you can try Word and all other Microsoft 365 applications for 1 month for free. Find out how to do it at this link.  


How to install for PC? 

  • Click this link:  
  • Sign in with your personal, work or school Microsoft account. 
  • Select Install Application and select Microsoft 365 to start the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions.  
  • Launch Word - once you open the application, you must accept the license agreement to use it. This activates Microsoft Word and you can get to work. 

How to install for Mac? 

  • Again, click on the link and log in to your Microsoft account. 
  • Select Install Application and follow the instructions.  
  • Then launch Explorer, click Downloads, and run the Microsoft_Office_20XY_Installer.pkg file (the name may be slightly different).  
  • To start the installation, click Continue and agree to the license agreement by selecting I Agree.  
  • Select the required components, select the location on the disk and select Continue.  
  • If you are prompted for authentication, enter your Mac login password and then click Install Software.  
  • When the installation is complete, select Close.  


How to install on a mobile device 

You can also use Word on your mobile device. In case your device has an Android operating system, use this link to install it. Click on Install and follow the instructions. If you are a die-hard Apple user, go to this page and click Install again and follow the instructions.  


2) Microsoft Word online for free 

The second option is to use the online version of Microsoft Word (and other Office 365 products) without downloading the software. How to do it? 

  • Type into your web browser.  
  • If you have an existing Microsoft account, click Sign in. If not, select Sign up for the free version of Microsoft 365 and create an account.  
  • Click on the Word icon and start using it. 

Now you're probably wondering why anyone would pay to use it when there's a free version. There are two main reasons: 
1) Microsoft Word for the Web offers only limited features. You can only do basic editing and basic formatting. 
2) The need for a constant internet connection. While you can use the desktop Word app anywhere, you need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data for the online version.  


How to create your first document 

Here we go. You've installed the app and there's nothing stopping you from starting to write.  

  • Find the Microsoft Word icon on your computer and double-click it - or right-click it and choose Open from the menu. 

You'll see a pop-up window that gives you several options. 

  • A blank document is basically a white piece of paper that you can describe and edit as you like. 
  • Next to that is Welcome to Word, where you'll find 6 tips to make your work easier. 
  • Another option is Templates - documents with a predefined format that you can use. 
  • On the left is a blue bar, which is basically a Menu: 
    • Home option is active, which is this initial menu. 
    • If you were to select the New option, a new document would open - just like the Blank Document option.  
    • Recent will give you files that you have recently opened or created. 
    • Shared means that you will see a list of files that someone has shared with you.  
    • The Open option, on the other hand, will give you a dialog box where you can search for and open an existing file. 
  • There are also featured files on the page. These are the files that AI has identified as the documents you are most likely to want to work on next. 


How to save your first document 

Once you've created a new document, it's important to remember to save it so that you can still have it available again after you close it. Here's a look at the process: 

  • Before closing the document, click File and select Save As
  • A pop-up window will appear. 
    • In the Save As field, type a file name, or you can leave the one that is automatically created from the first words in the document. 
    • You select a location to save the file. 
    • Click Save


Other useful tips 

We'll take a step-by-step look at all the options and tweaks Microsoft Word offers. Here are a few basic ones that are useful to know right from the start. 


Write without errors 

With Microsoft Editor, you can check spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation as you write in Word. The editor uses AI to underline words and phrases in your document that it judges to be incorrect.  
How to set up Microsoft Editor? 

  • When you open a document, click the Home tab and select Editor. 
  • Click Options and the Spelling window will appear. Here you can choose what you want the Editor to check, mark, or automatically edit. 


Find out how to convert Word to PDF 

Whether you're turning in a term paper or sending a document to print, you'll want to know how to convert a Word document to PDF. Here's a simple guide on how to do it: 


  • Click File, then click Save As. 
  • In the window that pops up, choose Browse and choose where to save the file on your computer. 
  • Click Save As Type and choose PDF from the list. 
  • Select Save. 


Share documents 

Sharing documents is a useful feature. It allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time and everyone can see the edits instantly - it's called real-time collaboration. How do I share a document? 

  • At the top of an open document, there is a Tab Strip. Click on the Share icon in the top right corner. 
  • You need to save the document to OneDrive. Under Location, select OneDrive and click Upload. 
  • Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the document with and select the permissions you want to enable. 
  • You can write a message and send the file. 

You've completed your first introductory lesson. Now you know how to create a new document and how to save it. Next time, we'll show you how to work with the document and what the basic Microsoft Word controls are.

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