Backing up data to the cloud has never been easier

Backing up data to the cloud has never been easier
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We consider a spare tyre in a car to be a practical and obvious thing - it serves as a "backup" for the function of the wheels. But unfortunately, we're usually already at a loss when it comes to backing up our data. Yet there are only two kinds of companies: those that have already lost data, and those that have yet to lose data. The good news is that with reliable data backup to the cloud, potential data corruption or loss is not a serious problem. Here's how to do it.

Why is data backup so underrated in the first place, when we all rationally or at least subconsciously understand that it is important?

Why ignore backups

Here are the most common arguments of "notorious non-backupers":

  • Data isn't important - sure, it may seem that way, but only until we lose it. We usually don't find air particularly important either, until we start drowning. Then we usually change our minds, but "with a cross on our face".
  • I regularly copy important files - while this is a commendable initiative, copying is not the same as backing up data. It is not done systematically, regularly, and certainly not automatically, as is the case with daily incremental backups in professional solutions.
  • The appearance of immunity to failure - i.e. the classic argument: "It can't happen to me because so and so..." Wrong! As we mentioned in the perox, hardware failure and data loss is statistically only a matter of time.
  • Backups are tedious - this can be true if data backups are done manually and unsystematically. When you synchronise your data with cloud storage - which essentially acts as an automatic backup of your data to the cloud - you don't waste any time and can get on with your work without limitations. The same goes for automated incremental backups.
  • Backing up data is too complicated - if done manually, it can be. However, this argument falls down by choosing a suitable tool with a simple and clear user interface, where you can start the whole process with a few clicks.

Why ignoring data backup is a really bad idea

Losing company data can mean losing customer trust (and ultimately financial loss), and in the worst cases, it can even lead to a company's demise. There are more such cases globally than you might think. Is ignoring backups worth the risk?

The first arguments in the list above are the result of ignorance, the last are about user comfort. Sure, times are hectic and we have less and less time - all the more reason not to sacrifice it to lengthy and complicated manual backups. But now imagine not having to manually set up or activate anything and having your data automatically backed up to the cloud. Maximum convenience, zero time loss, absolutely minimal risk of total data loss. Sounds good, right? Plus:

  • You get the option of versioning - documents backed up to the cloud are usually time-versioned, so you have the option to view or restore a document on a specific date.
  • You get better data security - data is transferred to the cloud encrypted and stays that way in the cloud storage.
  • You get security oversight - your data centre service provider constantly monitors the status of cloud storage and performs additional internal data backups on a daily basis.

Backup as a service - data backup to the cloud as a service

The cloud offers a range of services - backup is no exception. You can transfer your data to the cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect - the advantage is its clear, simple and intuitive user interface. If you're already backing up with Veeam, connecting to the cloud is a matter of moments. Why Veeam Cloud Connect?

  • Centralized data protection for distributed data centers.
  • No need to use a VPN.
  • Improves data security by encapsulating all backup and management traffic in a single port.
  • Easily send backups and replicas from multiple locations simultaneously to a primary data center or public cloud.

→ Tip: Try the Cloud Data Backup service.

How does Veeam do with data security?

Especially after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, some users of Veaam services started to have concerns about data security, claiming that it is a Russian product. It is true that Veeam was founded by Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov in St. Petersburg, but that was in 2006.

In 2020, Veeam was bought for $5 billion by US company Insight Partners and its headquarters moved to Columbus, USA. It now has a number of international offices, including a regional headquarters in Paris. Veeam's largest development centre is in Prague. So you really don't have to worry about data security.

Don't take any chances and get a good night's sleep with reliable data backups to the cloud. Whether you use Veeam or prefer another solution - we'll be happy to suggest the optimal data backup scenario across your company.

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