Already 76% of contact centres are using some form of AI chatbot technology

Already 76% of contact centres are using some form of AI chatbot technology
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How can contact centre software enhance your customer support? Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and improve key functions - from voice recognition to predictive analytics - offers the chance to revolutionise customer interactions. You can read about the opportunities this presents for your business in the following article.

Artificial intelligence is on its way to completely change the world of contact centres, both in terms of finance and daily operations. According to experts at Gartner, the cost of operators' work could be reduced tremendously, with savings estimated at up to $80 billion by 2026. How? Simply by automating every tenth interaction with an operator.

Intelligent support from AI Service Desk

AI Service Desk provides users with intelligent and automated support. It brings a new level of sophistication and efficiency to customer service. Through the use of virtual assistants and AI-driven automation, AI Service Desk is able to seamlessly resolve service requests, incidents and frequently asked questions. This innovative platform enables organizations to optimize their operations, improve customer support and ensure a seamless user experience.

An important component of AI Service Desk is cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), which enables comprehensive understanding of user queries, providing immediate responses and efficiently routing complex issues to human operators when necessary.

Mailbots and email productivity in 2024

Statistics and trends for 2024 from Mailbutler show that email productivity, including effective email management using mailbots, is now more important than ever. The average worker receives around 121 emails a day and spends over 4 hours reading, writing and managing them, which is more than half of a typical working day. Almost 96% of employees consider irrelevant internal emails from colleagues and supervisors a waste of time.

Voicebots in phone support

Voicebots, i.e. voice assistants in a telephone environment, have been on the market for several years, but their quality is increasing every year. Modern voicebots are able to understand the complex intentions of the caller and, thanks to integration with other technologies, they can also have more casual conversations. Their development goes hand in hand with the development of artificial intelligence. Today, voicebots are increasingly being used to automate customer support processes in companies.

Improving customer interactions through AI

AI is changing the way contact centres interact with customers. By automating the follow-up after the first interaction and using real-time analytics, AI enables more personalized and efficient customer service. This technology not only fills gaps caused by staff shortages, but also provides detailed data to improve future customer interactions. Additionally, sentiment analysis - which is the process of deducing, measuring or understanding the image of your product, service or brand in the marketplace - driven by AI offers an understanding of customer emotions, leading to better service delivery.

Omni-channel communication

Modern AI call centres are not limited to phone calls, but offer a wide range of ways to connect with them - from email to AI chatbots to social networks. The artificial intelligence behind these chatbots makes communicating with organizations easier and smoother, no matter where you choose to ask the question.

This omni-channel approach means that whether you're sending a message on Facebook, writing an email or chatting with a chatbot on the web, you can expect quality, personalised help. AI assistants are equipped to provide you with the basic things you need to know, often avoiding the need for further contact. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket, always ready to answer your questions.

Tip: Learn more about omnichannel digital communications that adapt to you.

Improving customer service through AI

The use of AI in call centres significantly improves customer service by reducing average handle time and automating frequent tasks. Virtual operators and AI chatbots that handle a huge volume of queries are at the forefront of this transformation. Remarkably, AI chatbots are able to resolve customer issues 69% of the time, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in improving the customer experience. These systems can also:

  • Generate business opportunities,
  • provide personalization
  • and gain valuable insights by collecting customer data.

They can even route customer service requests to the most appropriate operator/department by gathering initial details regarding the customer's query. This not only saves operators time, but also ensures that customers receive the best possible service for their specific situation without having to repeat their problem or request to several different operators. So it's no surprise that around 76% of contact centres are already using some form of AI chatbot technology, allowing operators to spend more time with the customers who need them most.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience

Artificial Intelligence can enhance an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system to help improve operational cost efficiency, experience and customer satisfaction ratings. IVR is something most of us have encountered during customer service. These are situations where you are answering recorded questions such as your name, account number, and so on. Although it can sometimes be frustrating to repeat information, IVR technology is constantly evolving and improving.

IVR is ideal for businesses that handle many calls involving common procedural issues, such as eligibility verification or payment information, where interaction with a live operator is not required. The system has doubled the percentage of callers using the AI-enabled system and cut the cost of running it by a third. Customers can now resolve their queries in less than two minutes without waiting to be connected to an operator, greatly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence in speech processing

Artificial intelligence applications for speech processing in contact centres help reduce waiting times, provide support in different languages and increase operator productivity. For example, T-Mobile uses services from nVidia to create and fine-tune conversational AI models. With these technologies, operators can better solve customer problems in real time and provide better service.

The most interesting aspects are the implementation results, which show a 10% reduction in word error rates and 10x faster response times, enabling high service levels for thousands of current users. This approach increases the efficiency of customer care and customer satisfaction with the services provided.

Emotional artificial intelligence?

The combination of the words "AI" and "emotional" seems seemingly incompatible, yet there is a technology called "Emotional AI" or "Emotional Artificial Intelligence". This type of AI, for example, monitors a customer's mood during a phone call.

According to a HubSpot survey, 50% of customer service agents think AI tools that analyze the mood of customer conversations improve the experience slightly, while 34% say the improvement is significant. This AI is able to detect changes in voice and pauses in the call, which can signal customer frustration. It also analyzes tone of voice and language elements, providing proactive feedback to customer support agents to better understand how the customer is feeling.

Interesting fact: After implementing this technology, Cogito' s clients have seen a 28% improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a metric used to measure customer loyalty and their willingness to recommend a company, product or service.

Predictive analytics and workforce optimization

The role of artificial intelligence extends into predictive analytics, enabling AI call centres to anticipate customer needs and manage workforce allocation more effectively.By automating routine tasks, AI enables human operators to focus on complex queries, increasing overall productivity. Predictive customer behaviour analysis and intelligent assistance tools demonstrate AI's ability to personalise customer interactions and streamline operational processes.

AI? Yes, but be careful

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in call centres offers new opportunities and challenges.AI has huge potential to improve the way companies communicate with their customers and manage their internal operations. But to make this all work, we need to be smart about how we deploy AI.We need to address concerns about security risks, the spread of incorrect information and the potential biases that AI can bring. This includes, for example, awareness and training, implementation of security measures, ongoing monitoring, etc.

Get to know Algotech CC - omnichannel software that adapts to every call centre

Algotech CC is omnichannel call center software that is designed to meet the specific needs of each business. With the ability to handle SMS messages, phone calls, emails and offer chat options, Algotech CC is a versatile tool for improving communication with clients. Its flexibility, reliability and customized configuration options are key to effectively managing customer interactions.

Non-stop technical support and dual backups ensure high data availability and security, which is essential for the smooth operation of any call center. With precise customization and a transparent payment model, Algotech CC provides exactly what modern call centers need to improve their services and increase customer satisfaction. Interested in more? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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